About ProPursuit:

What is ProPursuit’s passion? Helping companies successfully recruit qualified and experienced experts. We do this by matching the right candidates to the right positions at the right cost.

We are also passionate about creating a successful job board which will allow job seeker’s to accurately find the job they desire. How do we do this? Through the knowledge and power of the superstars behind ProPursuit. We come from a strong background in Recruitment which allows us to understand the needs of a candidate and provide expert support.

ProPursuit’s platform will give full control to both companies and candidates so they can set a very thorough criteria of their searches to allow the recruitment process to not only be more efficient but also be more effective.

No one wants to receive irrelevant job ad’s or applications…. Spamming becomes time consuming.

ProPursuit’s aim is to become the world’s #1 platform for job seekers across the globe in their industries.