For a fraud free world

Berlin, Germany

About Fraugster

Fraugster spent years developing a proprietary AI platform and trained it with millions of transactions from every industry and region. Today our AI technology can decide within 15 milliseconds if a transaction is fraudulent or not.

Fraugster is a payment security company with the goal of eliminating fraud and increasing our customers’ profits. Over the last few years we’ve invented an artificial intelligence technology that combines human-like accuracy with machine scalability. This ability lets us foresee fraudulent attacks before they actually happen and gives us a distinct competitive advantage over every other player in the payment security space.

We’re already working with some of the most well-known payment and e-commerce companies in the world. Notable clients include companies like Ingenico, SIX Payments and others. Fraugster is backed by top tier investors and is currently managing billions of Euros for our clients.

Jobs at Fraugster