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WeQ Influencers

Grow your Mobile Performance and Branding Campaigns

Berlin, Germany

About WeQ Influencers

WeQ drives user acquisition and engagement to deliver mobile performance and branding campaigns. WeQ’s experts enable clients to achieve their goals by combining a client-centric approach with purpose-built, state-of-the-art technology across 180 markets.

Led by accomplished mobile industry leaders, WeQ is inspired by a forward-thinking, socio-economic movement that is striving for a cultural shift from an exclusive “I” culture to a collaborative “We” culture. We believe in creating synergies, sharing knowledge and working towards joint solutions. This is exemplified by how our teams join forces and partner with our clients to reach their advertising goals.

The Q stands for two elements; the collective human forms of intelligence and the intelligent technology that is shaping our world. United, We + Q = WeQ, represents the unified, comprehensive form of human & tech intelligence.

Our core company values unite and motivate us in our mission to drive best-in-class, global mobile user growth and engagement at scale.

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