What should you do

You bring online marketing solutions to men (and women!) And convince everyone in your sales area, from tax consultants to butchers and large entrepreneurs. Schiller already knew exactly: “It is not difficult for a convinced person to convince!”
It is clear to you: “Turnover is not everything, but without turnover everything is nothing!” You will therefore never lose sight of your goal.
You stay cool with cold calling, because you know the saying: “An excited seller is a dead seller” .
You won the big prize: HOMEOFFICE! No alarm clock, no grumbling!
But you also know what that means! You can organize yourself freely, set your customer appointments independently and work effectively.
However, you are solely responsible for your actions and you will feel the consequences of your actions every day.
It is not for nothing that it says: “If you do nothing, you do nothing!”
Contract negotiations and condition talks are no problem for you, because it is clear to you: “The person who sells it is more important than the product!”
People say: “Where you sell, you lie!” But you know better: There is only one thing: listening to the customer, recognizing their needs and reacting to them like a professional! You are simply a bombshell in advice and sales. Everybody says that!
What should you be able to do?

“People don’t know what you want until they’re offered it to you!” With your marketing skills, you see clear needs and bring the perfect solution with you.
You and the new media, that fits like a fist on the eye. You live according to Bill Gates motto “The Internet is like a wave: Either you learn to swim on it, or you go under.” If you are in doubt, bring the water wings to your customers.
With us you are spot on if you have banned the following three sentences from your vocabulary:

I can not do that.
That will not do.
We do not have that.
What do you get from us?

Yes, we have these things: special holidays for birthday and Christmas, a sleek company car, flexible working hours, nice colleagues and always a cool drink and a sausage (or tofu) from the grill! Fun at work, the necessary coal for leisure and the balancing act in between – you will find all of this with us!

Did you find your dream job here? Do you want to turn your back on your old, dreary office life and take control of your own destiny?
Great idea! Then let us have your application documents.

One last disclaimer

Already Spiderman was clear: “Great strength leads to great responsibility!”
We are not looking for superheroes, but people who ride bicycles without training wheels.
If you still want to apply: let ‘s go!

Then we look forward to your application, stating your salary expectations and your earliest possible starting date.

Please let us know in your application how you became aware of us.
Please note: In order to ensure that your application is processed quickly, we only ask online applications to Ms. Jane Jimenez at bewerbung@fairrank.de .