Do you see it like Goethe and prefer to make a decision about right rather than wrong?

You prefer to deal with big problems while you are still small and the secret of your success is the persistence of the goal?

Great, then let us finally know that you exist!

We are looking for the fastest possible time

Thread puller, high-speed sleeper, process accelerator, target achiever, all-rounder, talent for improvisation, presentation professionals, heartbreakers, newcomers or something official:

What should you do

“It’s not a drama if the project doesn’t go according to plan. It is a drama if the project manager doesn’t know about it! ”
In this sense, you like to plan and coordinate for your life and prefer to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.
You proudly wear the captain’s hat and take full responsibility for managing your projects. You will never stop rowing when you are at the helm and, in an emergency, will also hand out spit bags to your seasick passengers.
You were already known as an absolute communication talent in primary school. When coordinating with customers and colleagues, you always keep a cool head and know that knowledge is power. A clearly formulated problem is already half solved and therefore you look very carefully and pull the right threads with ease.
A ship in port is safe. But that’s not what ships are built for. That’s why you like to leave the well-known paths and find new ways for you and your team.
Kafka’s guiding principle “ Do not spend time looking for an obstacle – maybe there is none! “You take to heart and make even the last skeptics and pessimists trust you blindly. For you, the glass is always full to the brim instead of half empty and your positive aura is simply unbeatable.
Schiller already knew it very well: “It is hard for anyone who is convinced to convince! “And so it is child’s play to win customers and colleagues for you. Nobody can resist your charm anyway – your grandparents already sensed this when you took hearts by the row in kindergarten.
What should you be able to do?

With us you are spot on if you have banned the following three sentences from your vocabulary:

I can not do that.
That will not do.
We do not have that.
Your profile:

You already live the sweet agency LIFE and have been riding the wave of success there for some time?
You are an online marketing PRO, master the key facts of business in your sleep and have been explaining to your aunt for 1-2 years that DIGITALIZATION is not just an empty phrase? Yeah – then welcome to our world!
What do you get from us?

Yes, we have these things: special holidays for birthday and Christmas, flexible working hours, home office and short Friday, nice colleagues and always a cool drink and a sausage (or tofu) from the grill! Fun at work, the necessary coal for leisure and the balancing act in between – you will find all of this with us!

Did you find your dream job here? Do you want to turn your back on your old, dreary office life and take control of your own destiny?

Great idea! Then let us have your application documents.
We are eager to get to know you!

One last disclaimer

Already Spiderman was clear: “ Great responsibility leads to great strength! “
We are not looking for superheroes, but people who ride bikes without training wheels.

If you still want to apply: let’s go!